Brasilian_Babe's Little Treasures

  1. So these are my babies :love:

    My Chloe collection
    1. Chloe mini saddle bag in grass green swede
    2. Chloe mini saddle bag in white leather
    3. Chloe mini saddle bag in baby blue swede
    4. Chloe grey canvas bag
    5. Chloe raindrops beaded bag in yellow
    6. Chloe paddington in bleu nuit
    7. Chloe paddington bowler in tan
    8. Chloe paddington hobo in black
    9. Chloe silverado in silver

    Excuse some bags still with tags attached, i took photos as soon as i got them :lol: will try to take a group shot of everything later on
    Chloe Mini Saddle green.jpg Chloe Mini Saddle white.jpg Chloe Mini Saddle blue.jpg Ezekiel n Lucile.jpg Chloe Canvas Bag.jpg Chloe Beaded Raindrops Bag yellow.jpg Chloe Paddington Bleu Nuit.jpg Chloe Vanity 9.jpg Chloe Paddington Hobo black.jpg Chloe Silverado in Silver Medium.jpg
  2. My Chanel collection

    1. Chanel luxury camera case or bowler bag
    2. Chanel lambskin evening/clutch bag
    3. & 4. Chanel messenger pony hair pochette
    Chanel in black.jpg Chanel Lambskin clutch in baby blue 1.jpg Chanel Pochette Beije pink.jpg Chanel pony hair pochette black turquoise.jpg
  3. All other bags
    Burberry Blue 3.jpg Burberry Pink 1.jpg Fendi Vanity Bag.JPG LV Baggy PM in Fuschia.jpg YSL Polkadot bag.jpg Balenciaga Box in rouge.jpg
  4. Holy cow, you love that Chloe !! :biggrin:

    And your cats are just too cute !
  5. is that one of those leopard cats?? he or she is beautiful! oh, sorry, your bags are also TDF!!!! especially love the chloes!
  6. very nice
  7. Love your collection!! Especially your Abyssinians! :smile: Great pose too!
  8. wow, that's so many chloe's.. your bags are so gorgeous.. love them...
  9. I love everything! Especially the Chloes :biggrin:
  10. GORGEOUS collection!!!:love: Thank you for sharing!
  11. Great collection! And that little grey cat looks just like our cat - except our cat is bigger!
  12. Love all your Chloe's - makes me want to go out and buy one! :yes:

    Really nice ...
  13. Beautiful collection! Your cats are beautiful too!
  14. Yep, she is a Bengal cat :yes:
  15. Thanks everyone :flowers:
    I think it's now clear that i have an obcession with Chloe :P
    Now i just need to build up my LV and my Balenciaga collection :shame: