Brangenlina Fly Burbank (

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    lots of pictures can be found at this link:
    Picture Gallery | JustJared
    Brad & Angelina: Burbank Airport | Just Jared
    Brangelina Fly Burbank

    Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie were spotted on the runway of Burbank airport this past Friday and Saturday. Brad reportedly dropped off Angelina for flying lessons... More pictures in the gallery! Thanks to angelah and fiona!!

  2. I love seeing them together!
  3. they seem to be doing oki...
  4. I love seeing them together, too. They're so great together.
  5. Baby weight-gone! She is such a beauty!
  6. damn how's she do it? the bod, the baby and the man.
  7. Beautiful pics! She is so stunning!!!
  8. Black has a slimming effect. =)
    Some other recent pictures of her in "blue jean & black tank top" show a not-so-flat belly (not that there's anything wrong with it, she just had a baby). Some people think another baby's on the way.
  9. nice outfit for a flying lesson hehe.
  10. That's a cute dress!!
  11. :o!!!! She's not carrying her Cabas Mezzo?

    That's a first. lol.
  12. ahhh they look happy together.
  13. She is so gorgeous, even going to flying lessons. :smile: