Brangelina - trouble in paradise?

  1. Angelina gets bored with her men easily and BP is no exception-why he ever thought he would be with her track record who knows...
  2. I'm a die hard romantic usually . . . but I personally don't see how they could last. . . given both of their track records.:shrugs:
    She's openly admitted that she shouldn't be married, didn't want to birth her own children etc. . . .
    He's been know to say no one can stay w/ one person forever and he pretty much {IMO of course} left his wife for her. . .

    Past behavior is a prediction of future behavior.
  3. hmmm who knows
  4. oh man, i was rooting for them two too. well 5 of them actually.
  5. Different mags have different stories: some claim she left him, others said they couldn't be happier (she & the kids joined him on the set of ocean's 13). Only time will tell.

    I root for them, especially for the 3 kids. If they don't have children together, they could do whatever they want. =)

    OT - JA fans couldn't wait for BP & AJ to split. She's already with VV, why is everyone still linking her with BP?
  6. I hope they last too, especially because of the kids. I was gonna say though that if he is single now, then send him my way but I think I am way more attracted to her and I am not even into women. LOL.
  7. I'm a JA fan, but I haven't been rooting for BP and AJ to split{?}
    I didn't link her w/ him. . . I just used his past history as I reason I don't predict they'll last.
    Seems like his expectations of AJ are a little unrealistic.

    Hopefully they'll prove me SO wrong!
    I root FOR them, they have children involved.
  8. I am totally rooting for them for numerous reasons. I wish them the best and their entire family.
  9. The fact that Pitt is reported to want Jolie to "act like the little wife" makes me laugh. :lol: I think you picked the wrong woman, Brad... :rolleyes:
  10. ^that's what I was saying when I said his expectations seem a little unrealistic! LOL!
  11. yeah, expecting AJ to a like a "little wife"..... i don't think that's part of her nature....
  12. His ex wasn't that type either. LOL. Smoking and doing pots (and claiming that there's nothing wrong with that) -- how are those actions/behaviors good for motherhood? It was a good thing that they didn't have kids together.
  13. Brad is reportedly a major stoner. High Times magazine once featured an article about his bong collection.
  14. LOL! If Jen really is a big 'pot head' I hardly doubt he was innocent!
    Angelina isn't all that clean herself.

    Anyhow. . . none of that really matters. . . it has nothing to do w/ AJ and BP today. . . I hope that story {linked above} is off the mark.
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