Brangelina in Africa pictures

  1. awww...its such nice pics....but i still think shes a homewrecker..:smile:
  2. I totally forgot about that.... My best friend won't watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith because of that same reason.

    They photos are wonderful and sweet. I can't believe how fast Zahara (sp?) is growing!! Wow!
  3. Why does it look like there is a patch on the outside of her LV bag??
  4. cute pics, love her not so much brad...
  5. I actually like her but I think she is risking her health and the baby's to give birth in Africa. Not that the health care isn't good; I'm sure the hospitals and medical staff are well-trained, but what if she hemorrhages and she or the baby needs a transfusion? That kind of thing does happen not infrequently, and I doubt the blood supply in Africa is uniformly safe.
    I don't think she should take these kind of risks to make a statement or whatever.
  6. haha they probably have the money to UPS in the blood
  7. There is also a risk of the baby contracting malaria. Don't like Ang. Never have never will. Hopefully she has a smooth delivery and her and the baby have no complications.
  8. Mr Pitt looks very handsomein those pics!
  9. Indeed! :P
  10. lol Aw at this -
  11. The lack of knowledge about African countries is pretty sad to say the least. Malaria is only a risk in a small portion of the country.

    Namibia has privately owned/operated hospitals with current medical care. It's not all jungle on the African continent.

    If for some reason the baby needed more serious medical attention for whatever reason, she/he can be flown to a South African hospital with little trouble.
  12. I was just repeating what I heard on the news. *shrugs*.
  13. I'm not really a fan of Brangelina (or TomKat for that matter) but reading some of the comments on the site with the pictures was totally :sick: I'm so glad PF members are above that level of immaturity and disrespect for people.
  14. Brad ALWAYS look good. :biggrin: