Brands with suede lining?

  1. Besides Marc Jacobs and Gryson, what other lines have suede lining? There is something so addictive about suede!
  2. My LV Epi Jasmin has suede lining and it's beautiful.
  3. Kooba
  4. From my collection, Kale and Jimmy Choo.
  5. Goldenbleu
  6. Gadzooks! Some of these lines sound SO exclusive. What are the price ranges? And, can someone from North Carolina ever find these brands?
  7. BV has suede linings too.... soooo soft and luxurious!!
  8. I think every brand mentioned is available online. And North Carolina is a big enough state, I'm sure you can find them :p
  9. Oh, how I wish! Most of the stores here are generic, cookie-cutter stores. Finding niche brands is quite a challenge. I guess that's why I like the internet so much!
  10. Botkier; SHIH; Kale
  11. Your Keira tote is lined in suede? Wow! I have been eying the shoulder version on her website, it's at 30% off right now.

    If you want to check out Stephanie Lin's SHIH bags, bag-addict, here is the website:
  12. Some of the Be&D bags are lined in suede. :love:
  13. Donna Karan
  14. Luba J.
  15. Celine & Bottega Veneta