Brands that run small? A bit of rant...and asking for suggestions!

  1. My feet are 4.5 or 5 depending on the brand. It's really frustrating to get all excited about finding a size 5 shoes on sale on the internet, only to find out later that they actually run a bit bigger. I have found that shoes that are 8.5 inches long from toe to heel usually fit me well.
    So this is what I know so far:
    1. Louboutins tend to run small, but there are some designs that you need to go 1/2 SMALLER. That has been a huge pain for me, because 4.5 Louboutins are almost nonexistent. I have a pair of peep-toe pumps in size 5 that I actually had to put heel inserts to get them fit right.
    2. Low-end or average brands' size 5 tend to be a bit big on me. I'm talking about Steve Madden, Aldo, and the likes. Many average-priced shoes don't even carry anything under size 6.
    3. FERRAGAMO shoes size 5 fit me perfectly, very happy with the sizing BUT I'm not always happy with the style and heel height (I love high heels).
    4. Stuart Weitzman size 5 fit me well, but again, the styles are not as exciting as those of the Jimmy Choo or Louboutins.
    5. Michael Kors tend to run TTS but in my opinion not the most comfortable shoes. My feet are not wide or anything but somehow this brand is not comfortable on my feet.
    6. Coach fits well and very comfortable, but again the style and heel issue. I want high heels like the pigalle ones! :heart:

    If you know any other brands that tend to run small, please let me know!
    I know Jimmy Choo tend to run bigger, but I never tried them on as there are no stores that sell them here... I know...sad...:sad:
  2. I know exactly how you feel! If you get on Steve Madden's website you can create your own shoe, their shoe size starts at 4! Hope this helps!
  3. I know what you're talking about, I have small feet too but not as small as yours. Every time my friends goes to the Nordstrom shoe sale, I can never find anything in my size!

    I think you can order CL from their store directly over the phone. Jimmy Choo I found runs small also and some times I need to get half size bigger. As for Coach, I felt they run big on my feet and depending on the style have to get 1/2 smaller. Micheal Kors I think you have to break them in first before they feel comfortable. I also have Dior flats which I think runs small too.

    At least the designer shoes make them in smaller size compared to the low-end / average brands but finding them online or at the store is another story.
  4. Jimmy Choo, Manolo, Christian Louboutin all run small. I often need to size up a whole size.