** Brandi's "Shoes as Art" thread **


I don't have any super fabulous branded shoes yet (Louboutins, YSL, etc) but I am moving my way up the shoe food chain, if you will.. That being said, I DO think I have some pretty sweet shoes thus far. I think I have around 70ish pair of heels, I forget exactly how many. Plus, boots and a few random pair of flats I never wear because I hate how my feet look in them.

But what I especially love to do.. is take pictures of my shoes. I'm a photographer, so it makes sense in my little world. I thought I'd start a thread to show you some of my 'shoes as art' that I've done. I haven't done it in a while, so I need to get on and try and do one a week.. Maybe two a week.

Also a friend of mine is going to come over and assist in doing modeling pictures for all my shoes. There are a lot of them, so we're probably going to break it up into sections, lol.

Enough chatter. Let's see some pictures!

We will start with my favorite shoes ever. I don't think they will ever stop being my favorite shoes, even if I get more expensive shoes, because they are basically my personality - in shoe form.

I actually found these on Ebay brand new for about 30 bucks, a considerable time after they were no longer being sold by IC. I was squeeing like a maniac when I won them. Haha!

I'll post more in just a little bit.. I have a few sets of artsy shoe shots stored up, lol!
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Okay one more set for now.. then I better get back to actual work lol.

Rampage pointy toed pink plaid shoes.. say that five times fast. I love these shoes and they're actually super comfy. Bought at DSW for 35ish or so?

I do have some that I took at a park, instead of around my house. Haha.. the looks I got there.. ;) I'll post those later tonight!


Jun 5, 2009
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Love Love Love :heart: your IC shoes! The first pair of heels I ever owned that I could not pass up were IC - I saw them in a store and had to have them! Photos are all beautiful as well.:smile:
Anne - Thanks, and BTW I am stalking your blog.. I have a list of places to check out thanks to you.. I look forward to more!

Nico, yes I love tons of IC shoes, too bad I can't buy as many as I'd like.. but I love their quirkiness.

Okay.. I did some work.. I promise.. another set here:

Mootsies Tootsies red satin peep toe shoes with pleating and bow on the vamp. Also super comfy, I have had these probably four years or so? Bought them at Kohls..

:biggrin: I have a few more sets already done and I need to photograph some of my baddies, these heels are all pretty demure.. Don't want you think I'm that tame :P Har har.
This was the first pair I started playing with, with the photos. I did them in a bit of a different way. Sorry about the ugly fence, lol, it's functional for now so it's not a priority.

Steve Madden .. style is "Hotty" which I only remember because I am amused by it. Purple suede peep toe mary janes. I had wanted some purple peep toe mary janes for a while and found these on clearance at DSW sometime last summer (which is when I took these pictures).



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Dec 12, 2008
So far my favorite is the playground with pink heels! Keep them coming! Cute idea. You definitely have talent :smile: