- is this site selling reall BBags?

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  1. Hi there,

    I am looking to purchase my first Balenciaga City bag and wanted to check if this site is selling real bags or not? I think they are but want to check first before I purchase. Can anyone help as I've checked the list of web sites on here and can't see them listed.

    Any help is appreciated. Also if anyone knows of any other sites selling BBags in the UK please advise.

    Thanks :smile:
  2. Well, nothing comes up with, I have no experience with them and cannot say one way or another. If in doubt, you should follow your gut and go with a pre-established Balenciaga dealer. If you check the thread of Reputable Stores Carrying Balenciaga there are many in the UK including small boutiques and large department stores. I don't know your circumstances but many people have had good experience just calling a store and ordering over the phone. is an online seller based in London and they sell authentic Balenciaga.

    If you are looking for a specific bag or a specific color, let everyone know and I'm sure someone can give you an idea of where to find it! Good luck.
  3. Thanks. I noted the website down wrong. If you look on - http://www.************/shopping/browse/Balenciaga/ or google branded(full stop - no space)net as the forum page doesn't seem to like it when I copy and paste the name of the site in!

    Have a look and see what you think as they do look quite good! I just want some feedback from some of you guys so I know I'm purchasing the real deal as you would say!!

  4. I have bought from this site a few bags, my last purchase was a balenciaga purse which I love so much! I am certain they sell real bags, my daughter and her friends also shop from them. Look at my collection the balenciaga purse, chloe pad ivory, small d&g black & large prada bowler are all from them. My LV's (which I love to bits:heart:) I bought from selfridges & LV. Hope this helps!:smile:
  5. ^^ I agree! I have purchased an authentic Fendi Spy from them and have a friend who purchased an authentic black part-time! But they are more pricey than retail I think??
  6. please post all Auth This questions in the designated thread :flowers:
Thread Status:
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