Brandednet - Are they legit?

  1. Has anyone ever bought from the branded .net website?? Looks legit, just wanted to know if anyone has experienced them?
  2. :shrugs:
  3. Don't know either....Anyone else out there have any exp.?
  4. I was told that if TPF blocks out a link to a site with those stars **** then it is a bad sign so they probably carry fakes.
  5. I bought a Fendi bag from them last year, and it is a real Fendi! Very happy with their service:smile:
  6. It doesn't necessarily mean they carry fakes.
  7. I guess, I don't get this thread.....sorry..................
  8. I think she's referring to e xdot com. They are authentic, but members have had customer service issues. The owner joined this forum and was very rude to some members who complained about the service. That's why the name is redacted.
  9. I have no idea what site you guys are referring to - my first thought that it was a site selling fakes, since it was blocked out by TPF, but apparently that might not be true. Can the poster put the name within the thread and maybe leave it out of the title??
  10. no, not really. . . she gave bad CS and we agreed to not allow people to post her name so as not to slander and for our sake not to advertise for her.
    Vlad doesn't want it here.
  11. Has anyone purchased designer handbags from a website called brandednet?

    This is their spiel, however I am rather wary having been ripped off before by other credible sounding websites:

    "We can assure all our customers that our products are genuine and new. All items come with their original dust bags, authenticity cards and/or tags and any presentation or packaging material, which may come with the item (unless otherwise stated). We strictly do not sell inspired and/or compared items.
    Our dedicated team of buyers source all our brand designer products from authorized boutiques who are appointed and buy direct from the brand company, mainly from Italy and the UK allowing us to bring you great genuine products at a reduced price"
  12. branded dot net does seem pretty decent - I don't know for sure though. Since they are based in the UK I can't tell about how good the prices are. I didn't see a phone number where you could call them ...? Maybe a search on tPF or do a Google groups search to see if somebody else has discussed this?
  13. Yes, I will try googling them. Interestingly enough that is how I found this forum. I had been trying to locate Bananasoup & saw a link to this forum (subject: Bananasoup real or fake?) & have been hooked on this forum ever since. So much useful info & I am much more enlightened now!
    The prices at branded dot net are reasonably pricey (sometimes a good sign) so I want to be sure that what I buy isn't an expensive fake.
  14. does anyone know if branded (.net) sell authentic or fake products?

  15. Well the prices aren't so ridiculously low to make me think anything is off but do wonder why there's no phone number and they only have a PO box number address. Their terms and conditions are all good too and their stock is held in the UK

    Difficult to be 100% without seeing an actual item bought off the site but you'll be covered by your credit card company if they failed to refund on a returned item