Brand: Velvet

  1. Does anyone know how they run? Overrated? Underrated? Just right?
  2. They run true to size in my opinion. I love velvet, I have a couple of long cardigans and t shirts from them. The quality is great and they are sooo soft. I've gotten most of my velvet stuff on definitely worth it!
  3. I've only tried the shirts, but I think the sizing is less vanity sized than mainstream brands. I would say size up one from what you would normally wear in Gap, Old Navy, etc. HTH!
  4. I love the brand,basic simple and great stuff
  5. I really like Velvet, I think their tops are definately worth what I paid for them. And I bought them at full price!:smile:
  6. Love Velvet and Graham & Spencer for that matter. I believe their clothes to run true to size and think they are worth every penny...JMO.
  7. Worth it,their shirts fit great!
  8. GREAT GREAT clothes! Their dresses and cardigans are so soft and comfy and they fit great! Totally worth the price, and plus they are usually reasonably priced compared to their counterparts. A total staple in your wardrobe.
  9. Velvet is great--very soft just as everyone says and worth the money. I have a lot of them and they're great basic pieces for layering or on their own. Definitely true to size!

    You can always order them from Revolve and use an online discount :smile:
  10. Yes. Nice quality! Not too expensive.
  11. I've got a few of their shirts, a skirt, and a dress. I love them all. I think they all sort of run true to size but they are all sized like S,M,L and made out of T-shirt material.
  12. they're great for layering, tend to run true to size. i like my velvet cardigans so much i wear them over everything.
  13. I like velvet. I have a cashmere long cardigan and some other tops and tees from them and they are comfortable and pretty much true to size.
  14. I love Velvet. Their stuff is good quality and flattering. I usually go down one size.
  15. Love Velvet! The cotton and lyocell tops and dresses are great though their cashmere products leave a little to be desired. I bought a sweater last year and the thing pills like no tomorrow.