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  1. Hello All - I am not a scarf expert and I was hoping to get some advice and/or feedback from the scarf experts. A relative of mine recently gave me a silk twill scarf (see attached photo) and its truly beautiful. Unfortunately, she always cut out the care tags because she said they bothered her when she wore them. There is also no visible brand name printed on the actual scarf so I cannot figure out who the designer is. She did say that she purchased the scarf in France in the 80's and she recalls it was from a brand designer.

    In any event, the scarf is 34" square, it is called “La Bride” (The Bridle), it features the main part of the bridle in the center surrounded by other bridle parts. The background is cream-colored, the bridle is royal blue and the surrounding bridle parts are gold. Additionally, the writing that is printed on the scarf is actually the names of the bridle parts and they are written in French.

    If anyone recognizes the designer or knows how I can go about finding out who the designer is I would appreciate it.




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  2. I would try asking in the Hermes forum. I'm not sure it's an Hermes but I know they make a lot of scarves in this style
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    I'll move this to our Wardrobe Forum for you. The Authenticate This! Forum is for authetnicity questions only.