Brand to watch - Notting Hill Design

  1. I just saw two pieces today on Notting Hill Design - one in the FT How to Spend It magazine and one on the Vanity Fair website (pasted below)-

    I saw their bags when they first launched and while they were beautiful bags they weren't quite my thing - but I love the look of this clutch bag - has anyone else heard much about what they're doing?

    My favourite evening bag has just died. Loyally sticking by my side as I twirled through the night, my tooled leather bag was so love-worn that it was verging on abuse. So I've been on the hunt for a replacement, the most important criteria being that it should look deceptively tiny. Girlfriends were always mesmerised when I'd play Mary Poppins with my recently deceased bag; from this tiny leather envelope would come an enormous bottle of scent, a full sized hairbrush, a travel candle and maybe a half-eaten sandwich. But after a thorough hunt, I think I've found it. Handmade by Florentine artisans, the Lola clutch is a silvery-gold metallic colour, always a great neutral. Designed by architecturally-trained Kimberly Yurisich, the effortless shape and vintage-style diamante clasp make it immediately timeless. But the Lola clutch has only been made as a limited edition of twenty, so go and get one . . . sharpish.

  2. Very nice. I love their bags.
  3. I like her totes. I'll definitely keep her in mind!
  4. Sounds interesting - Do you have a picture of the clutch???
  5. The Lola's lovely, but, unfortunately, not for me as snakes are skinned alive. :sad:

    The other bags aren't really my style, TBH; too ladylike and conservative.

    Shame they don't do the Lola in other, non exotic, leathers. :shrugs: