Brand sustainabiliy: LVMH rated C+ ...

  1. ...Which makes them top of the luxury brands along with L'Oreal and Hermès. :yahoo:(News fetched from Hermès forum)

    Read all here:
  2. "As reported by themselves and others, the ESG policies and performance of luxury brands is inferior to that of many other consumer products brands."

    Eh ok, but what about this quote, this wouldn't make me cheer so loud :wondering

    And this one:

    "WWF-UK urges luxury companies to put sustainability issues at the heart of their business strategy and to benchmark their progress. To do so, they should measure and report their performance in accordance with international guidelines, as set out in the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). "
  3. Hmmm... all of them did not make it beyond C++... Food for thought though...
  4. Interesting.... I am into this ethical/eco business...
  5. interesting grading.. thanks for posting..
  6. Here was an interesting myth:

    Myth 5: “Heritage will maintain luxury brand value”
    Wrong! 50 years hence, what a luxury firm does today will be part of its heritage, and another company that is created today will also have a heritage. A company’s heritage from the 19th or 20th centuries will not stay the same, but will be interpreted on the basis of contemporary values and the company's activities during the 21st century. Luxury brands need to see heritage as an evolving phenomenon, and work at contemporary heritage creation, by being pioneering in shaping the future.
  7. This one kind of made me laugh:

    Myth 6: “Legal action is the best way to address counterfeiting”
    Wrong! Changes in technology and communications, combined with the promotion of labels by luxury brands, mean that counterfeiting will continue in the face of legal challenges. Therefore, luxury brands must reconsider their emphasis on logos, and seek to connect with deeper values.
  8. This all still boils down to the statistics and opinions, not all that scientific. I have my own statisitcs since I've bought most of the big brands for years. I rate LV the best, I've never had a defective LV out of at least 30 LV bags. But I've bag defects in 3 Balenciagas and maybe 5 Chanels. I've had very poor quality and durability in Prada and Marc Jacobs.
  9. This is very interesting! Makes me look forward to getting more LV!! :tup:
  10. Interesting :smile: