Brand Sustainability ratings: Hermes gets C+

  1. Hermes rated top of the luxury brands in the WWF study released today (alongside L'Oreal) but has a long way to go ...

    Seems we are making a good choice, buying from a supplier using natural products and with good labour policies, but need to give our feedback if H is to do better.

    Interesting to see Tod's and Bulgari rating so badly.
  2. Wow newray thanks for the link am of to take a peek. see you December
  3. TFP.:flowers: Very interesting ...
  4. thank you for sharing
  5. newray- thanks so much for the info.
  6. Thanks for the info! :flowers:
  7. Wow well at least H is near the top! Just trying to stay positive...
  8. Thanks for posting, NEWRAY........

    I didn't know SWATCH" was a luxury brand.

    What are the brands that got A's?
  9. There were none. Only ten brands were rated and C+ was the highest rating. Yay, Hermes!

    Btw, here's a snide disparaging remark: I'm happy to see Bulgari near the bottom!
  10. ^ Probably non-luxury brands.
  11. Thanks for the info, its better than an F, next time they will aim for a A+!

  12. heeheehee........
  13. cool!
    good to know...
    WWF gave H a C+!!!!
    of course the higher the grading the better.
  14. I wonder if Tiffany was rated badly related to the use of conflict diamonds. Anyone know?