Brand suggestions for Agenda/planners?

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  1. Hi all!

    I'm planning on buying and agenda/planner..and I'm leaning towards the small ring agenda from LV. But are there other brands I'm missing out on that I should check out as well?

    I haven't really taken the time to look at all the other brands to see if they carry agendas as well. So far I know Coach and Kate Spade...but not really feeling their styles.

    Any suggestions? I'm looking for one sized around 4'x6'. Thank you all for your help!:yes:
  2. coach agendas seem very durable and kate spade ones are prettty simple but i reallly like the LV one ... you should go for the LV
  3. The LV framboise venis agenda is a beautiful pink color
  4. I love my LV agendas! I have two, the monogram, and the red groom! I love them! Also Chanel has agenda I think. Also Hermes!
  5. i only have one agenda, lv medium organizer from panda line. and i love it!!!
  6. I don't use one as I am using a PDA, but if I don't have a PDA, I would go for LV. Sometimes I feel like giving up my PDA just so I can buy an LV agenda!
  7. hotdogandbun tooled leather 6 ring organizer cat.jpg hotdogandbun tooled leather organizer 6 ring.jpg
  8. Ooooh..thank you all. I think I might go to Coach and Kate Spade and check them out IRL, since I've only seen them online.

    passerby, the second organizer is purty!!

    (still leaning towards a koala agenda, though! vernis could be a runner up! hee!)

  9. I love my Hermes eversoft agenda - so soft, light and not bulky at all!
  10. I have a pink leather Coach however I just got the framboise vernis small agenda from hubby last week (same size) and I love it even more. My Coach agenda did not have the rings like the LV agenda does. With the rings, I can put an additional CC holder and zip pouch in there from Filofax.
  11. i LOVE LV agenda as well
  12. I like the Gucci large zipped agendas.
  13. definitely LV ...
  14. I have a gorgeous agenda from Kate Spade which is probably in need of being replace (5 yrs old now).

    I really liked her agendas but I can find any cool ones anymore, and her retail/Internet stores don't seem to know when new merchandise will hit. Well it is early October, get a clue.

    I am also thinking LV, though I just wonder :
    Can I bring into the workplace without fear of it being taken by sticky fingers.

    Coach is also nice, I don't use a pda though I have, I like to see my own handwriting.

    what to do what to do :rolleyes:
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