Brand Spanking New INK CITY AND GREY HOBO on ebay!

  1. Thanks for posting, Esile! Chloe, your bags are beautiful! Loooove your Ink City--the leather looks gorgeous on it! Good luck!:flowers:
  2. WOW beautiful bags, especially the ink city !!! Hopefully lovely PFers get it . . . good luck on your sale chloe :flowers:

    Thanks for sharing esile :love:
  3. the leather on the ink is amazing!
    good luck on the sale!
  4. Thanks esile, pupsterpurse, firstclass & jennifer!

    Pupster love the pic of your makes me laugh everytime I see it.

    Firstclass I'd love for a PFer to get it too.
  5. chloe - GORGEOUS ink!!! Good luck with both your auctions! :flowers:
  6. good luck on the sale chloe.....
  7. grey hobo is gone!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
    Congrats !!!!!!!!! :heart:
  8. Thanks cate22, me_love_purse & myriamees!

    Yes the hobo is sold!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I've been really needing to downsize my b bag collection...need to save up for a weekender :graucho:.