Brand of Purse on The Closer TvShow

  1. Does anyone know the brand/style purse Kyra Sedgwick has on The Closer?

    :rolleyes: autumn
  2. We've tried to figure how what purse she carries a couple of times before, and if I remember correctly we decided it was a non-famous brand. I don't recall that anybody came up with a decisive answer. But, LOL, she sure can pack it full of stuff!
  3. It was made up special for her character on the show, the wardrobe people said that they took features of a Prada and a Furla and combined them into Brenda's big bag.
  4. :lol: OH MY NERD!!! I wasn't allow on wanting to know.
  5. That's a fun bit of trivia to know! Thanks!:flowers:
  6. ^That's so cool...custom made bag. That reminds me of the thread about creating your perfect bag.
  7. That bag gets more play than half the characters on that show! :roflmfao: