Brand New vs. 2nd hand...?

  1. heheheh forgive me... been posting a lot of polls lately :p but i always think one can never be too careful when it coms to BAGS... :blush:

    So thanks to the help from y'all... i've decided (i think) on the Monogram Speedy 25, since my collection needs a bit of LV..!! (got Blueberry Balenciaga day, Coach Swingpack etc etc). :cutesy:

    Anyways, should i get a 2nd hand but almost new(carried a few times) speedy for around $475-$495 mark or should i spring for a brand new one since it's my first...? i live in vancouver BC... taxes here are 15% :cursing:

    TIA ALL...!! :flowers:
    *latinmalemodel that one's for u..! :p
  2. Since it'll be your first LV, I would say to go into the store and get the whole LV boutique experience. :nuts:


    Get the mono speedy 2nd hand since it is a pretty good price and then sprint to the LV store and get yourself a brand new accessory to go with it. :jammin:
  3. i prefer a new one
  4. For your first LV, I would always recommend going to the boutique, trying on at least half a dozen bags and getting the full boutique treatment. Nothing beats it.

    However, in saying that, I do like Irrisy's suggestion! :wlae:

    Whatever you do, your first LV is always memorable.
  5. get a new one, its not like your getting a huge saving. I think always try and get new bags from the boutique, unless they are discontinued etc, its too much stress buying from eBay! xx
  6. I'd say get a new one so you have the benefit of your first LV experience :smile:
  7. Generally speaking there is nothing to say against a second hand bag-if you can be sure of the identity. But as it woul be your first LV bag I would say; go to the boutique and try on some bags just in case you have missed a model you like more or the bag turns out being not exactly what you wanted. But Irissys idea is temting...
    by the way, your atavar is great!
  8. brand new for me
  9. :flowers: I agree Since it will be you'r first LV bag you should get a new one even though it's a little more there's just something about Virgin Vachetta and when you go to the store ask if they have one with plastic on the handles...
  10. I vote for brand new!
  11. Since fakes are so rampant and there really is no substitute for the brand new experience, defnitely get brand new. You will save very little on a speedy in good condition anyway since it's LV's most popular bag. Authentics go for a lot second hand (in good condition). I think you'd wish later you had sprung for brand new.

    If it was a Multicolore item I'd tell you to buy second hand. Nothing like paying $600 for a MC speedy that retails for almost $2k. That's priceless! lol
  12. Yes, I vote for brand new of the 2nd one pricing such that.
  13. ITA, the boutique experience for your first time round will be great. But In the future its great to buy from eBay because you can make HUGE savings and get 2 bags for the price you'd pay for one at the boutique :flowers:
  14. I would definitely get a new one.
  15. I'd get a new one IF moneys no object.....:graucho:!