Brand New to BV, with First Purchase: Large Veneta

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  1. Brand new to BV, but I just wanted to share my first purchase: Large Veneta in Ebano. I generally prefer bigger bags, so, at first, I considered the maxi; however, it really didn't suit me. I'm really glad that I chose this size, as it's perfect for the number of items I generally carry (I can even wedge a book in there!). The leather is scrumptious, with a dark chestnut hue, and the bag is so comfortable to carry. I've read many of the posts about venetas in this forum, and I look forward to breaking this bag in!

    Thanks for looking!

    Veneta #1.JPG

    Veneta #2.JPG
  2. Congratulations on your very first BV, Cate14, and what a great choice you made! Ebano is my fav colour and it shows the weaving so beautifully. I'm sure you won't stop with just one,:P welcome to the BV world!

    Could we get to see some modeling pics, maybe?
  3. Isn't the large Veneta the best!?

    your bag is beautiful!
  4. congratulations and welcome to bv. your bag is just beautiful.
    i didn't know the ebano came in maxi- thanks for the info.
    anyway look forward to all your future reveals. as you will soon learn bv can be addicting.
  5. Thank you so much for all of your kind words and encouragement! I'm off to the gym right now, but I'll post modeling pics. once I'm home!

    Annie9999, the maxi that I was considering was noche (?)--not sure if the ebano comes in that size?
  6. You have started with classic, welcome to BV!
  7. It is a beautiful and classic BV
    I agree with Mid - you will not stop at one ;)
  8. Congratulation! That's classic.
    My SA told me that ebano is a must have color for BV lovers.
  9. That's the best way to begin your collection! Congrats!
  10. Congratulations! A perfect first BV!!
  11. what a classic! i remember seeing a gorgeous petite japanese lady carrying an ebano veneta a few years ago, i followed her around the store, couldn't take my eyes off the bag.... and it has been love ever since.

    congrats and enjoy wearing her!
  12. Thanks again--I'm so appreciative of all of the positive words about my new bag! I can only hope that it will be the first of many!

    Here is an "action" shot:

    Veneta Modeling.JPG
  13. And here is the accessory I purchased when I bought the bag: small make-up case. The leather is extremely soft--it's beautiful!

    Make Up Case #2.JPG

    Make-Up Case.JPG
  14. Ah that's the perfect first BV! .. you might have thought brown doesn't go with everything .. but you will find it going wonderfully with so much. I even like to wear it with all black .. such a rich look!
  15. Congrats! nice classic one, both style n color