Brand new**Spring Preview...

  1. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    This is just the gist of the Spring Accessrories collection there will be more to come for sure....I especially like the Lace Embroidered Monogram... LOVE THEM!....and if you don't ( now) don't be suprised when you're on the waitlist for one...


    [​IMG]This bag is SUPRISINGLY made of woven leather!! well according to

    I'm guessing they changed from the Nylon to Leather to make it more marketable...?? ( just a theory)

    The other pics are of Shoes...

    Accessory Reports on
  2. ^Nice! Thanks for the heads up! I'll be waiting...

    For the release, that is...I don't think I can afford to be on the waitlist! :sad:
  3. That middle one on the bottom row is the only thing I halfway liked. And that LVoe stuff. Otherwise, I really haven't seen something where I went NUTS like I did with the Miroir.
  4. Oh lala.. I love the white one too! The woven leather one is cute too!!!

    Thanks for sharing.. I'm a little afraid of the price tag on those babies though. :Push:
  5. That last bag is just terrible.. unforgivable !!
  6. thank you khoi for posting!! I am in loooove with the same bag rebecca mentioned and the embroidered monogram!!:love:
  7. Thank you, love those.
  8. Prices...Prices...Prices?
  9. I'm liking the bags on Pic #3 and Pic #5. Can't wait to see them in person. Thank you for sharing.
  10. I'm really curious about the last bag too. It's kinda' growing on me.
  11. Thank you for posting these...umm...I'm liking the white one and the lace embroidered one does this mean that these made it off the runway (sorry if I'm a bit slow..duh)? I saw another similar style that I think may look better smaller..but wondering if it'll make it off the runway as well...

  12. ^^^

    I don't know too much about it... but most likely..the line will make it out...they usually end up using all the lines they produce if not the specific model..
  13. Thanks, Khoipond...if that's the case then it's probably bad news for me LOL...they going to be $$$ and I'll have to *gasp* chooooose...arghhh!!
  14. thank u for sharing =)