Brand new speedy on let-trade

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  1. I know I should probably post this on the great deals, but I wanted to share this with you all, asap! $530 shipped if anyone is interested! Get it! :graucho:

    Also, there are new items! ;)
  2. wow..great deal..
  3. I saw the new bags earlier. I'm waiting for them to post more LE bags.
  4. great deal i wish i would have bought that one then got one at the boutique
  5. Great deal!!
  6. That Is A Super Deal!!!
  7. Someone get it! does it come with a dust bag?

  8. I assume it does..I guess they have no dustbag in default. My bedford came with dustbag, not original dustbag came with the bag but it came with one.
  9. Oh this is such a good deal! Hope someone gets it!
  10. Wow! Plastic wrappings still on the handles! What a deal!!!! Someone get it quick!!
  11. *sigh* I'm still waiting on the regular monogram noe (not the petite modele, but the regular sized)...I looked at the sold history and I've found none...does that mean no noe for me? :-*(
  12. says NO, dustbag NOT included.
  13. i think someone grabbed it i don't see it now hope it was a pfer
  14. The MC speedy is back on too!
  15. Yes dust bag included. :yes:
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