BRAND NEW ShowBag Release!!!

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  1. I was told these bags were going to be released March 1st, but they called me a couple days ago to let me know they were in.

    I originally thought I was interested in the smaller size (NN) but when I saw it, I couldn't believe how teeny tiny it was. (think of two cans of coke in there)
    The store just got the bigger size in yesterday, and my SA sent me pics. The GM size is not really GM. I actually think it is pretty equivalent to the NoeBB. It also comes with a removal monogram pouch.
    I love the monogram and black together. It also comes in a navy and burgundy trim. These are Marc Jabobs lasts designs. I think the new designer (don't know his name) will preview his first LV designs in Paris in March.

    Price is 2600/2820. I think the official name is the NN Monogram Idole.

    What do you guys think?

    (I can NOT figure out why my pics are always sideways…I messed with it for 20 minutes….and decided to go ahead and post anyway….help??)

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  2. That is a gorgeous bag!!! Wow.
    I thought I had a complete collection; now I am not sure.....
  3. very nice but they don't make my heart sing.... sorry - hope you know what I wanted to say.....😊 just my OP....
  4. This bag actually looks good IRL.

    Oh, and the zippy in the corner looks cute!

    Love your flats too :smile:
  5. yes I've seen them too alreay
    I think they bring a peek to the displays and show vips
  6. To be honest, don't like it. I know it's a new release and all but it looks quite dated to me!
  7. nice bag - looks great on you!
  8. I love mono and black....but I don't care for the style of this bag.
  9. This actually isn't me. It's my SA. And I do think it looks really good on her. The strap drop is reeeally short, so I do wonder about the comfort factor.
  10. Its nice but honest not worth the $$$ its priced at :smile:
  11. 😁😁😁 nice but not nice enough to spend almost 3 g for a canvas and beside it looks like noe in a shorter and newer version
  12. I saw both sizes last week in Rubis. I'm waiting to see the GM with the noir trim. The strap was soft, but it wasn't staying on my shoulder very well because I had a jacket on. It's really much nicer in person, but I'm still debating on whether it's worth the price.
  13. I like the combination of mono with black leather, I hope they make different styles
  14. I love this bag. It's gorgeous.
  15. I fell in love with the gm in all leather when I saw it in NY a couple weeks ago. Photos of this bag do not do it justice!

    The leather they use on theses bags is TDF! Can't stop dreaming of this one, the price is steep though!