Brand New Rouge VIF Mini Bowling came today!

  1. I recieved my brand AR new rouge vif mini bowling today from fedex. It is prefect, gorgeous wonderful leather!!! I :heart: it! My first RH bag that I actually love... Thanks to the pfer that suggested I call Aloha Rag in my thread in the shopping subforum. More pics coming shortly....
    redpic.jpg redpic2.jpg
  2. congratulations!! i love vif, be sure to post some modeling pictures! :smile:
  3. Yum, yum! I hope you enjoy your mini bowling as much as I enjoy mine :tup:
  4. Here are the rest, I had to resize them.:rolleyes:
    redpic6.jpg redpic3.jpg redpic4.jpg redpic5.jpg
  5. I love how saturated the colour is - enjoy!
  6. CUTE! (but not as cute as your pup-wup in the picture!)
  7. Seriously, VIF is one of my favorite colors!!!
  8. After getting this bag, I am sooo glad I found it. It is such an awesome style, I wish I had it in every color.
  9. i love wearing my mini-bowl. I purchased that since it was on sale but turned out that i love the style. I even love that style in your cute rouge vif color. Looks so stunning.
  10. Very cute!!

    The colour is outstanding
  11. very pretty!
  12. Kitten, I LOVE your new bag (and your little pup, too)! It looks great on you! I'm glad you finally have a RH bag!:tup:
  13. Kittens you look fab with that bag. :tup:I love your top. Red is your color. :yes:Your dog looks so cute sitting right next to your bag.:p I used to have the mini bowling in White and i regret selling it.:sad: Enjoy it, it is a comfy bag.:wlae::yahoo:
  14. looking gorgeous as usual Kitten!!! congrats! I'm having such a hard time deciding whether I want a RV work as well on top of my RT city!!! now after your pics... I think I can justify having 2 reds!
  15. Beautiful color, beautiful leather, beautiful model!!! Congrats!!!