Brand New Purchases!

  1. So I couldn't wait to order some of the new stuff that we've seen on here in the past few days and I just got my box today! I ordered the snowflake keyring, the snowman keyring and the legacy stripe clutch! I also ordered the penguin keyring but that's backordered so he'll be here soon! Here are some pics!! :yahoo:

  2. Love that snowman!!! Thanks for posting!!!!
  3. That snowflake is super adorable! Great choice!
  4. cute clutch!
  5. What is the style # of the clutch? I would love to order it it is so cute!
  6. #11382 is the clutch style number!
  7. I love the clutch. Congrats!
  8. Wow, you got some really cute stuff. I really like the snowflake :smile:
  9. Love all of them! Seems you're all set for the winter!
  10. Love the snowflake...just lovely!
  11. Congrats! Everything looks awesome!
  12. Gorgeous, Gorgeous, Enjoy!
  13. YAY! I have the snowflake too! and i love that clutch!!! what's the #?
  14. I love that Legacy clutch!! I wish I had the lifestyle to actually use a clutch!
  15. I LOVE it all! Congrats and enjoy them....such great Coach goodies! :yes: If I had a need for a clutch, I would be ALL over the Legacy one!:graucho: