Brand new Panda Pochette ??

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  1. Hi everybody !!! I wonder if there's any way to get a brand new Panda Pochette? If so how much would be a fair price to pay for?? :confused1: Thanks all.
  2. Not sure if you can get a new one(doubt it) but I think a fair price would be up anything up to $400.00
  3. Thanks so much blew415 for always giving a fast response!! Thanks for your help !!!:yes:
  4. i have one but its not for sale.
  5. I don't think the OP was asking if anyone had one for sale... :s

    You could try calling 866 to see if there are any left in the US... about 1-2 months ago, I saw a Panda Pochette at my boutique. ;)
  6. I just got some today from my sa in Nashville---Talvin. He told me he found some in the system, they were misplaced in Houston LV warehouse, all six, I got them all, he told me there are no more, maybe you can still check, [There is NO selling allowed on TPF], the other four are all requsted by my friends. I have a picture in my thread"Today's purchase" posted today.
  7. i know there is no selling on here that why i said it was not for sale. cause people on here pm you and ask you to sell it to them,which is against the rules.. what does saying its not for sale have to do with selling on here cause that makes me mad. maybe some people should read the rules. i think i make myself clear.
  8. while excuse me if i am wrong but (lvchanelqueen) didn't you just say we are not allowed to sell on here and isn't that what you are doing rigth now. you got all six pochettes . you not lv. um so aren't you conterdicting yourself.
  9. Hi all :smile: First thanks for your help!!. I didn't mean to cause that confusion !!! My intension was to learn about any place where I can get a BN Panda Pochette as I really would like to have one but I'm not so confident about buying it from resellers. I'm new in the forum but I know since the first day that sales are not allowed; that wasn't my intention. As I'm in my "first stage of LV addiction" je je, I don't know when did the Panda come out or how much to pay !!! That was what I wanted to know!! Anyway, thanks all. I've also posted 2 in the authenticate forum, but I think that auctions already finished.

    John 5, thanks for your advise :smile: Can you tell me more about the 866, I don't know anything about it. Thanks

    Thanks all again !!!!
  10. I called 1-866-Vuitton back in Dec. and they located one for me from the Houston LV at that time there were only about nine left. Give them a call and maybe (fingers crossed) they can find one for you. I paid $375 plus tax. Good luck. Now, If I could only find a cerises speedy or a long lost silver grafitti speedy!
  11. Hi all again!!!:smile: Well, bad news for me.:crybaby: I called 1 866 this morning and no Panda Pochettes are left !! Thanks very much for your efforts, and if you ever see a Panda Pochette for sale, like in any trusted reseller, please post me the link!! Thanks for your help !!!:yes:

    Unfortunately, there are 2 posted on eBay, but the cheaper is arround $590 isn't it too much??
  12. well goodluck there are always some on ebay.