Brand New Neverfull Pouch Glazing Issue


Nov 28, 2018
Hello lovely ladies I need your help and input regarding a new LV purchase I got. So basically I bought a Neverfull GM last month March 2019, I used the pouch for a couple of times and just today I cant believe what I have discovered. The top corner of the pouch has a bit of a crack which made the red lining a bit visible. I am so devasted and in shock having this problem so early. Its not even bloody 3 months old yet. I am freakin out big time. I dont wanna have a crap bag after spending £960 for this. Let ne know your thoughts and advise. thanks a lot.


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Jan 31, 2019
That looks very familiar. I posted a few days ago about similar looking damage on the bottom corner of my new Neverfull. I plan to take it to the shop this afternoon. I’ve done absolutely nothing to cause the damage on my bag, and now seeing yours makes me feel more certain that it’s a manufacturing problem.
Sep 4, 2012
I’m sorry it’s causing you such distress, it’s certainly a frustrating thing to happen so soon. Please take it to the store and let them know you’ve only used it a couple of times. Also, let us know the result too. It really looks like it’s been scraped on something, it’s not good to know this can happen after a couple of normal uses.