Brand New Mono Mizi on LT!!

  1. Not sure if anyone is interested... but Let-trade just posted up a brand new mono mizi!

    Hurry and get it before someone else snatches it up!
  2. :nuts: I wonder why so many mono mizis were made in Spain (mine is made in Spain also).
  3. OMG!! Where's that lady that was crazy looking for one?? I think she was from Australia, maybe? I don't know her name, but if any one does, maybe they can PM her and tell her the good news??

    Do you know who I'm talking about Irene? I'm gonna do a search real quick...
  4. Is it already gone?
  5. Don't see it anymore.
  6. It was a great price, only $1399. Soooooooooooo pretty.
  7. ahhh... someone was quick to get it. i saw it on let-trade about an hour ago!
  8. The Cerises bucket is gone, too :hysteric:
  9. yeah I noticed that too! I guess the highly coveted items move super quickly!
  10. Let-Trade is bad. Hee hee.
  11. I didnt even have a chance! lol
  12. That is a great bag. I'm so glad i got mine. hee hee

    Congrats to whoever picked it up
  13. I hope it was a PFer!!!:smile:
  14. I'm so sadd!!!! I emailed Let-trade this morning for the pricing, and he didnt get back to me.. and now it's gone..!! :crybaby:
  15. i'm so sad! this is what happens when i don't check tPF for one day. i've been dying to get my hands on a mono mizi. :sad:
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