Brand New Metallic Bronze City on Ebay!

  1. oooo droool.... so pretty, someone grab it quick!
  2. Hmmm....something about the leather texture on one of the photos is bothering me. B-bag experts, what are your thoughts on this? Is this the real deal?
  3. It's 100% FAKE! The colour is all wrong and the rivets on the back of the handles are not suppose to have a line right through them!:evil: And it looks like the mirror is wrapped in plastic! Its suppose to be attached by a tassle from the outside!

    Iehter she is a total scammer or does not know it's fake
  4. hmmm that is strange that the rivet has a line thru it, is it different if the bag is metallic? the leather looks fine, i have a pewter metallic and the leather is smooth like that. the weird picture for me is the back photo. it looks too stiff? but i can't tell because it is hanging from a door knob. i was wondering about the mirror, it should be attached to the bag too right?
  5. Yikes, I've been looking for this bag!! Please, more opinions wanted cause if it's real I want it!
  6. I'm pretty sure the rivets are not different for metallics (it is always slightly convex with 2 notches) and the mirror is always attached to the bag. Also, look at this Bronze metallic in "Documentic Balenciaga colours thread", its so much richer!
  7. ok fake guys.

    Fake rivets (below)
    Watch our for rivets that are completely flat (not convex) or have a sharp-cut edge or machine marks. If the rivet has a straight-across slot, as if it were screwed on with a flat-head screwdriver - run far, far away!
  8. OK, now that I've paid a bit more attention, the leather does seem a bit 'stiff'... on that note, if anyone on PF is selling their Bronze City, PM me immediately! LOL... Thank you!
  9. color is hard to tell since the documentary thread, her picture was with flash and the one without flash is way too dark to see. hers is without flash on the auction but could also use some color correcting, well anyway it is indeed a fake based on the rivets.
  10. Oh wow. Sorry gals. I thought I had seen this seller with authentics recently.
  11. ebay really needs to do something the illegal fakes. it's SO illegal and ANNOYING!
  12. Someone should inform the seller about the fake (maybe she knew, maybe not).

    Gah, I'm so sick of these fakes trying to be passed off as the real thing. The credibility of auctions is going downhill lately.
  13. I already emailed response though