Brand new magenta twiggy from PFer...

  1. Very pricey. But yeah, undeniably gorge!!!!
  2. Pretty but....$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$:wtf:
  3. Wow, I love magenta but the price on this baby is high.
    The person identifies themselves as being a purse forum member.
  4. Yes, this person is me.:smile:

    This price is not at all high, thank you. This bag is brand new, I have never used it, a rarity.

    I don't think it is very polite, whether it's my listing or another pfers listing to post on the thread about it that the price is too high. If you wouldn't pay that price or it is not one of your must have bags that's fine, but maybe think about keeping those negative opinions to yourself.

    Thanks for posting the listing, it's a gorgeous bag for anyone who has been waiting for a brand new magenta.:yes:
  5. Bella, as a fellow magenta addict, I am drooling over this bag. Good luck with your sale. It's an insanely rare bag :smile:
  6. Hey Ivy:supacool: :smile: !!!! I know you are not going to buy this bag !!! LOL !!!!!:roflmfao:

    I think it's a little pricey too girls, but then again I just saw a Marigold First go for $1599. Basically the buying of anything, bags included, is all about what something is worth to the buyer. If someone REALLY wants something enough, sometimes price isn't an issue, kwim ?? ;)
  7. :heart: LOL - you can hide behind that name but not that picture, girl!!! :heart:
  8. I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU BELLA!!!!! If the price is too high for anyone there's no need to shout it out loud!
  9. Gorgeous! I'm sure there are a bunch of people who have seen this auction and have to have it!

    It seems that there was a great year or two for colors that "have legs" -- their uniqueness seems to magnify their value season after season. Obviously 05 turquoise is another, 04 eggplant, 04 marigold, 04 dark turquoise...lilac, too, to a slightly lesser extent.

    I just wish I knew how to predict it so I could buy this year's color that everyone will want in two years!
  10. Thanks Zacorey!
  11. I'll follow you anywhere !!:love:
  12. BTW, as far as the original price that was mentioned.....

    I have bought many bags from eBay, other pfers and friends, many above reatil price. SO, keep in mind these prices on eBay are based on what the seller paid which isn't always the retail price. I would prefer not to take a loss on a sought after brand new bag.:smile:
  13. Hey Bella. I don't think you need to justify to ANYONE what you want as your starting bid. The opinions above are just that...opinions.....

    don't worry about it !;)
  14. Bella, I understand why the content of the thread bothered you. Your bag was posted here because people thought it was a beautiful bag that deserved attention. :yes: I think that when people state that the price is high, they mean that from a subjective (personal) point of view it is more than they would pay. Clearly, the market will dictate the price of the bag and sought-after colors like Magenta will command higher prices. I'm sure it will sell because someone will value it to be worth the price. Good luck!