Brand New Magenta Day!!

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  1. BALENCIAGA-DAY-2005-MAGENTA :nuts::nuts:

    Good Luck LivetheLake:flowers:

    I am currently broke, or else I would have BIN :crybaby:
  2. ltl-woman, what're you doing???!!!!!!!! this bag is too gorgeous for words!:love:
  3. OMG! Why why why, LOL! I just bought the box and thinking perhaps this style would suit me better. I love that it's brand NEW!
  4. If I didnt have a Magenta Purse sitting at Fedex (picking it up tonight) I would grab this. Beautiful.
  5. I was just at the S/S 2007 colors swatch thread... and thought to myself, "No vavoom colors like Magenta..."

    This brand new baby is rare... Who knows when Balenciaga will come out with a color *similar* to this?!!

    Good luck LTL! Anybody who buys this beauty is a lucky gal.
  6. OH MY Goodness :wtf: Live, you are going to break my bank! I couldn't resist I've been wanting a magenta for so long and to get one in perfect condition :party: . Happy, Happy, JOy, Joy :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  7. Lenabean :yahoo: . Now your courier can be reunited with her magenta little sis :smile:

  8. Gorgeous!!!!!!! I love magenta. Congratulations lenabean!
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