Brand New magenta day/hobo

  1. I just got a Magenta Purse and I love the color (I'm glad its a bit darker than I thought it would be), someone needs to grab it! Cause I dont want 2 Magentas!...well, I do but that would be silly.
  2. I bought it! This is my 3rd b-bag in 2 weeks. I'm definitely addicted. :sweatdrop:
  3. Congrats, dream! I just got a magenta Purse from eBay and I absolutely love it. B-bags are soooooooo addicting.:happydance:
  4. is magenta easy to match w/ outfits? I'm used to neutral colors so this bag will be a huge difference.
  5. It's actually quite bright with a lot of "pop" factor... Goes very well with black :lol:
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