Brand New Magenta City SB $649

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. I know a certain someone is looking for this bag. Good luck!!
  2. OMG! GONE! And at a STEEEAL of a price!!
    Congrats to the lucky buyer!!
  3. guess the seller didnt know she could have gotten alot more for that bag!
  4. omg, that's not possible!
  5. i bought the bag:wlae: :heart:
  6. I know! I recognised your ID. Luuuuucky you! That's such a great price!
  7. Congrats you lucky girl!!! That's a great price!!
  8. what an awesome deal. can't believe it!!!!! crongrats!!!
  9. Congrats Amour !!!
  10. Just can't spend a day away from the computer! Everytime I do a magenta city pops up, UGH!!! :cursing: :cursing:
  11. Congrats Amour!
    The bags are flying off eBay today!
  12. ha! I bought my Magenta Purse from nhelle and its so yummy and gorgeous, and now shes got a replacement!
  13. thanks ladies:yes:

    donna - yeah..magenta is one of my faves..hope you're loving your magenta purse:heart: ;)
  14. Congrats and what a good price!!
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