Brand new MAC prolong wear foundation

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  1. Hey I just tried the new foundation and concealer that came out today and I loooooove it!
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    Went by the MAC counter today to try the new foundation and concealer and I love it too!! When I finish using my Studio Tech I will definitely get both the foundation and concealer.
  3. Just got the foundation today. Color is a perfect match, but I have to test drive it a little bit. The formula seems a little dry on me. I have never tried a MAC foundation before, so maybe that is normal?
  4. I want to try the concealer... I've read a few good reviews so far!
  5. Usually I cannot wear MAC foundation because I am very oily and it seems to just melt off my face after an hour so if this one is too dry for you, definitely try some of the others. For me this stuff feels like velvet brushing on my skin.

    The concealer is even better than the foundation and I have bad circles. I thought my eyes looked great. Let me know what you think when you get it.
  6. Oooooh! I'm thinking of getting the concealer tomorrow! Someone chime in on how it works under the eyes, please!
  7. ^^ not sure if we posted at the same time or not but I think it is one of the best I have tried to date!
  8. I mixed a little of the new foundation with my studio fix this morning for work. So far so good! Foundation still looks great.

    I'm in love with the concealer for sure! I put a dab of concealer on the tip of my nose this morning bc i tend to get oily there and my makeup comes off, but it's been 10 hours and the makeup hasn't faded! Awesome!

    I will try a full face of the foundation tomorrow. I did notice that the shades are lighter than the SFF. I posted swatches in the swatch thread for reference.
  9. Could any of you ladies tell me if Dimethicone, Trimethicone or anything ending with -cone appears in the ingredient list?

    Thank you!
  10. ^Phenyl Trimethycone, Dimethicone, Methicone are all in it.
  11. Yikes! I don't know what types of ingredients those are, but it doesn't sound good! I hope this foundation doesn't sting me like studio sculpt does. I didn't notice Studio Sculpt burning until I worked out and started sweating. Then it would sting like crazy! Weird b/c SFF has never done that!
  12. Thank you!!
    All the -cones are silicones and my skin just doesn't tolerate them well. It acts like a saran wrap on my skin and my pores just clog and clog and clog. Then any foundation just accentuates that I have a ton of blackheads. Very attrrractive! : ) NOT! A lot of women have no issue with them at all!
  13. Hello ladies!

    I just purchased both of them today, I will try them on tomorrow. I'm a little worried because I usually wear an NW20 and it seemed to me that this NW20 was a tad too dark and for some strange reason they didn't make an NW15 :confused1:... Did anyone one else think that?
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    Wow, I might need to test this! I'm a NW15 but that even is too yellow for me...and I can do the Sudio Sculpt occasionally but in general MAC foundations are a bust on me.

    Maybe this one will be different? :sneaky:
  15. I might need to try this too. I am oily and my foundation is gone in about one hour. I want to order online but it sounds like I have a good chance of getting the wrong color.