Brand new LV's and other people's reactions

  1. When you buy a new LV the patina is a pale cream, almost white. When you first carry your new LV, before the patina honeys, do you ever get people assuming it's fake? They may not outright tell you that they think its fake but it might show on their faces?

    Most educated LV lovers can identify that the bag is new but what of amatuers or people who aren't knowledgable and assuming that ONLY honey'd bags are real?

    Since the LV patina is so recognized for its honey patina I just thought it is funny that only with LV do people assume a bag is fake in its brand spankin' new state! :lol:
  2. I don't care what other people think when I carry my brand new LV, but I'm always worried that something will spill on the vachetta, making a huge spot. I've avoided any bad situations so far, but I'm always worried:P However, I'm looking forward to that day when my keepall will get a nice patina, it's more classy that way, and makes me look less of a newbie'ish (although I am!:P). I don't know if I'm looking forward to my perf. speedy getting patina, because I don't know how it will match the style of the bag.
  3. I think most of the time people are looking at my bag with a set of green with envy eyes. :lol: ;) :graucho:
  4. I love pale vachetta. Some of the bad fakes have than tan pleather. Yech.
    I once had a women carrying a damier bag point at my SO damier speedy and say "mine's real." I stupidly responded that mine was a SO, but I should have just ignored her.
  5. I can't imagine what my comeback if people said that to me..

    I have one new people in our building. They seem loaded but the wife carry fake vavin GM.It;s the one with pleather handles..

    Well, the firts time she saw me, I carried my wholefoods canvas tote, she didn't say anything to me. After that see has been seeing me with different bags of LV or chanel. She didn't say anything except gave me the look. May be she think they are all fake because my DH and I are young etc

    One day we were in elevator and she saw me with huge LV shopping bag. She didn't say anything but sure after that she seems nicer to me..always say hi and didn't give me the look no more..
  6. I hate when people think my louis vuitton is a fake.
  7. i really dont care what other people think, as long as i know its real i am satisfied.
  8. :yes: :yes: I AGREE WITH THAT...:censor: it if they think its fake.....I KNOW IT'S not and thats all that counts:P
  9. That is funny. I took my Speed out today and I was thinking about how people may think it is a fake b/c the leather hasn't patina'd yet. Personally I wish it would not patina, but anyway, I know mine is real.
  10. When I first got my speedy, my little brother said, "What's wrong with the handles?" b/c he didn't know that they are so light at the beginning. He is a nineteen year old boy, so I didn't expect him to realize that!
  11. she's right. it really doesn't matter what anyone else thinks; the people walking around with actual fakes are living proof of that!

    i love the pale, brand new-looking vachetta :love:. if i could keep the vachetta on my bags that pale for the rest of their lives i would. so i guess people will always think my bag is fake :lol:.

  12. What nerve she had! :rant: I'm guilty of starring at fake purses but I would never walk up to someone just to be a jerk. :noworry:
  13. Wow,thats nervy.
  14. Wow, that's so rude! If you ever run into her again, like in an apartment complex or whatever, and she happens to say hi or ask you a question, just pretend she doesn't exist. I can't believe it!
  15. That is nervy! Sheesh...
    I really don't care what anyone else thinks...I know it's real, and I love it!