Brand New LV with Bad Smell???

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  1. Hi everyone, I just purchased a brand new Pochette Metis off the LV website in the original mono canvas and received it the other day. It is Made in France and looks beautiful. However, it has a horrid smell, almost chemical like. Its been a few years since I have bought anything from LV, so I don't know if this is the new norm, but none of my other bags or SLGs have been like this. Has anyone else experienced this? I am so torn on if I should keep this item (and try to air it out), as I am not sure if the smell will go away....let alone not understanding why it smells.....please help!
  2. It’s common.
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  3. I think with high demand, new items don't have a chance to air out like they used to. Many are bought online soon after manufacturing date so no real chance to air out. All of these items are treated with coatings and glazing etc. I have no problems with it, I just let it sit out a little bit but it's a personal decision whether you want to keep it.
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  4. Thanks for your reply! Based upon your experience, has the smell gone completely away?
  5. My mini PA had the worst smell bc I received it within one week of manufacturing. It was very strong. It doesn't smell at all now, I have had it for a year and I don't use it regularly, it has no smell now, not sure how long it took. Hope this helps.
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  6. Great, thank you so much!
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  7. A few years back I bought a brand new bag in paris and it smelled quite strong like chemicals
    It dissipated over time but took months to completely disappear.
  8. Yes, it's happened to me 3X, on an Empriente cles, an Epi Speedy, and a LV briefcase--all smelled strongly like ink or some chemical-I called boutique and they told me to simply leave out on dresser but away from direct sunlight for 4-5 days- smell left all pieces.
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  9. Hi! I purchased a brand new pochette metis off the LV website recently as well, and my bag also came with a strange, chemical-y smell. Mine is made in the USA though. The LV box the bag came in smells even worse than the bag. I have been airing out the bag and the box for 3 days now but it still smells. Wondering if you've had any luck getting rid of your smell? If so, how long did it take?
  10. If it’s that weird ink type smell, it took about a week left out on my dresser. Then taking it outside for a few hours sealed the deal. I don’t know where you live, but if it’s sunny tomorrow let it sit outside for a couple of hours.
  11. My Neverfull GM in ebene had a terrible chemical smell. But, I left it in a well lighted and ventilated area for a few days and the smell was gone. HTH