Brand New Key Cles/Pouch..with flaw?

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  1. Hi everyone! To all who has key pouch, can you please help me recognize if this is just normal? I mean the thread peeking out of the canvas? Thanks! Just bought this today.. Thinking of exchanging for another one....

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  2. I have exactly the same key pouch, I just checked mine and mine has that too. I'm pretty sure that's normal. I hope that helps!
  3. Im just worried that there's a cracking on the canvas because the threads are peeking. But on some areas they're not.
  4. Mine is the same, the threads are slightly more visible on the corners. I'm positive the canvas isn't cracking, don't worry. If you're unsure take it to LV to compare to some others or exchange it, I'm pretty sure they're all like that though, that's just how they are.

    You should be happy with your purchase, if it's worrying you then I would take it back.
  5. Yes. Thanks so much. As long as there's someone who has like that. Thanks! :smile:
  6. Both of mine are like that and it's perfectly normal; these "big stitches" are what allows the cles to expand and flex a little whereas 'tight' stitches could actually either pop or even tear into the canvas itself.
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  7. Great! Thanks for that... Im relieved.
  8. Also, is my cles perfectly aligned? Or not?
  9. The alignment looks near perfect to me. Just use your Cles and enjoy it :smile:
  10. Thanks! Got super excited when I saw it MIF lol!
  11. I agree with aussiemel that your cles is near perfectly lined up so don't worry and just enjoy your new little treasure.
  12. Thanks so much!
  13. Mine looks like that too! Actually, your alignment is better than mine! Congrats and enjoy.
  14. Thanks! Makes me really wanna keep this one.
  15. that's completely normal, mine is like that too and yours is perfectly aligned.