Brand New Jimmy Choo Handbag

  1. Nordstrom Mall of America just received this gorgeous new Jimmy Choo handbag today. It sells for $1895.:drool:
  2. I love how Jimmy Choo does variations on its "core look". It really gives the bags an identity!
  3. It's beautiful! I love Jimmy Choo bags. Congrats on your new beauty!!
  4. I love it.
  5. Beautiful bag!! Love my Jimmy Choo bags!!
  6. gorgeous bag! wish I can afford it now.
  7. Love it:yes:
  8. I saw a beautiful JC Ramona yesterday. Here's a photo of it but it was in brown. The leather is distressed looking and the watersnake trim really makes it stand out. I'm really tempted to get it. I vowed never to pay full price for a bag again but I'm afraid I won't find this one on sale anytime.

    I had a navy Ramona at one time but sent it back. This ones leather and trim make me want a Ramona again.

    What do you think?
  9. We have that bag as well....GORGEOUS!
  10. :yes: I really love the Ramona for its practical style. The trim gives the bag an edge, I say you should go for it! But I'm totally with you about paying retail price...I try to never pay retail until I absolutely HAVE to have something.
  11. Love both bags on the thread! Have given in to paying full price many times! If you absolutely LOVE it...BUY it!!:nuts:
  12. I Love it!:nuts: I am going to have to get there tomorrow and see it IRL:yes:
  13. I actually saw one on In Style Magazine that was $10,000 for a Jimmy Choo.
    Sorry, but if I have that kind of cash I am going to Hermes.
  14. it must have been crocodile if it was that expensive
  15. SO pretty!