Brand new Ink First from a PF'er

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  1. for all those ink lovers out on the prowl, JUMP ON THIS ONE!!! :wlae:
  2. WOW that leather is gorgeous! I hope the one I just got off ebay looks that LUSCIOUS!!
  3. fantastic leather for an ink!!
  4. But why would you pay so much for one when you can get the same thing in stores for less?
  5. Because at this point, it's hard to find Ink, and the leather during the s/s 06 season was spotty, so an ink with nice leather is super hard to come by.
  6. Thank you ladies for the confirmation.....:yes:
  7. AWWWW!! I would love to jump on it! But the price is a little over my budget. I'm hoping the Marine color for SS07 would be just as nice!!!
  8. I see. I wish I could find a good ink city. I think the one listed on Ebay has what appears to be a scratch across the front. The seller says it is just the leather pattern but it is a little bit straight so even it if really is the leather pattern, it looks like a scratch to me.
  9. Hi Allisonfaye, where is the scratch-like mark you find? I don't see it at all...:confused1:
  10. Well, it probably IS the leather grain. It appears to be about 2-3 inches in length across the front about a inch or two below the zipper. I asked the seller for more photos and I see it in every front photo.
  11. Allisonfaye, Thanks for the info. Much as i love it, i cannnot justify paying above retail for it third hand. I hope it will go to a loving family.

    Good luck ladies!!!
  12. ^^^Just so everyone is clear, you are not talking about my Ink first listing, correct?:s

    There's no scratch on this bag and it is brand new.
  13. Hi BellaFiore, Congrats on your dolma!!! It's a beauty!

    I too saw your INK FIRST listing and did not see any marks on the bag though. Lovely smooshy leather. It is my dream bag. :love:

    Maybe Allisonfaye can help clear this up? Did you send her any extra frontal pics?
  14. I realize now that Allisonfaye is referring to the city on ebay not my first.

    As far as "third hand"...The bag is a new and beautiful ink, thank you.:smile: