Brand new Ink Box or Marine Twiggy?


Brand new Ink Box or Marine Twiggy?

  1. Ink Box

  2. Marine Twiggy

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  1. Which one is a keeper?
  2. Ink box gets my vote...
  3. I love Ink i vote for the ink box !:yes:
  4. Marine Twiggy!
  5. Since i like INK color, i will vote for the box style....:yahoo: :yahoo:
  6. The ink box.
  7. I love Ink too, but I am leaning towards the thicker 07 leather...hmmm still deciding!
  8. not favour of box style, so i go for twiggy.
  9. Marine Twiggy!!
  10. What are your issues with the twiggy and the box?

    I would say go for the Ink box, since ink is a very popular and coveted color. It has a good resale value.

    The Marine is also a gorgeous color, but it doesn't have the same cachet as Ink. While they are both so similar in color, it wouldn't really matter which one you choose colorwise. Ink has a more famous reputation.

    Do you have pictures of the 2 bags in question?
  11. Ink box.
  12. ink box would be very cute~~~
  13. I would say Ink Box because of Ink and because the Box is discountinued! Where did you find a Ink Box???:wtf:
  14. I voted ink box mostly because I love that style more than the twiggy.
  15. Ink Box!!!! I have one and I LOVE her!!! :yahoo: