Brand new Fendi B Baulotto already falling apart - help!!!


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Jul 14, 2008
Hello everyone,

First of all, I want to introduce myself - my name is Kristina, and I think this is my first post on the forum, but I read it all the time :smile:

I just received my first Fendi for my birthday; a B Baulotto in black lambskin. I got it last Saturday, and this past Thursday (only 5 days later!!!) I noticed some stitching coming undone where one of the shoulder straps is sewn into the bag, and the leather pleat has come undone. I am so disappointed - I love this bag so much! Is this typical of Fendi bags, or is mine defective? This is definitely an authentic bag, as it was purchased from Neiman's. Have people had similar problems with this specific line of Fendi bags?

I love this bag and I hate to part with it - is it worth it to get it repaired, or will the same thing just happen again in a few months? I will probably be using this bag about every other day, so I need something durable. Should I exchange it for another of the same bag, or will the same thing just happen to that one?? I went shopping for another bag this weekend and after hours of searching I bought a Miu Miu, but I really just want to return it and find a way to keep the Fendi or get a new identical one. I love this bag :sad: ANY opinions at all will be greatly appreciated! Thank you so much! :smile:


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May 17, 2007
Absolutely have Neimans replace it! It really shouldnt be a problem if the bag is new and if you have the receipt. The bag should not be falling a part like that. And if you really do love the bag, why settle for something else? Go get yourself a new Fendi!


Apr 9, 2007
Return it and get a new one. When I purchased by Fendi B mix bag at the Fendi store, there was a small scratch that you could only see in bright light, but they immediately exchanged it for a new one. Neimans should do the same for you.