Brand New Chanel Boutique


Dec 18, 2006
Hello everyone! I wanted to make you all aware, from one handbag lover to the next, that there is a brand new CHANEL boutique that opened two weeks ago. The location of this new store is in the Mall of America at Nordstrom. This is only the third Nordstrom to have the opportunity to carry CHANEL. The other two stores are located in Seattle and Los Angeles.

If you're still looking for the Coco Cabas handbags, their waiting list is actually not that long. If you're looking for white or dark silver, they have no waiting. Just last week the store received the last two black patent cabas from fall/winter in the entire country.
The entire country?? Maybe for Nordstrom. I'm sitting on 2 myself & still have more coming. Half, if not more of the people on the list that are finally getting them dont even want them now. ...& they arent even patent.......they are vinyl.
Hi, welcome to to the Chanel Forum.
I have a favor to ask. . .
please be a little more upfront about who you are.
You inital few sentences implied you were just doing a friendly PSA, by saying 'they' and 'the store' but then you later said things like 'And we did receive the last two'.
We do not mind you posting here, but we value honesty very much.
Also, asking people to call you specifically is a form of advertising and we don't allow that at all, we also do not permit you doing so through PM's here.
You ARE WELCOME to post which bags are available and where, but that's it.
I edited out your name and # frm your original post.
Please respect these couple of rules, as we have about 1/2 dozen Chanel/NM/Nordstom/SAKS Sales Aasociates posting here and we expect the same from them as well:yes:
Thanks for being willing to post stock updates and welcome again!
how to pay from overseas .. if i want to buy something?

Hi Chanelle... I have bought many things over the phone on international orders - u just pay by credit card and have it shipped to the billing address of the credit card. Beware u will end up paying hefty duty charges though... its worth it if u cant get hold of the particular item in ur own country.