"Brand New" - but doesn't this mean 2004?

  1. Perusing auctions, I found a listing for a "brand new" bag. Am I mistaken about the numbers in the first part of the serial being the year made?
  2. Well they could mean brand new as in never used. :yes:
  3. I believe that is from 2004
  4. Maybe thats what they mean that it has never been use. But a four year old bag, that has not beeb use? WOW, you could resist.
  5. I just bought a 2 year bag that had never been used from a department store
  6. True. It's a brand new bag that has never been used.
  7. Yes, that bag was made in 2004. But "brand new" could mean "brand new condition." I recently bought a bag on eBay that was in "brand new condition" and was made in 2006.
  8. It could have been a recent purchase from Loehmann's or TJMaxx or something - they carry past season merchandise. :shrugs: