Brand-new BRIEF Giant in WHITE '07 :-)

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  1. It's the first one on e-bay I have seen. What do you think of the giant hardware???
  2. On AtelierNAff's site this bag looked gorgeous but in real life I saw it and I just was not a fan. The hardware was much bigger than it looked in the photos.
  3. I saw some Giant bags IRL too and the gold hardware seems to overwhelm them. No likey.

  4. ITA! That bag on naff is really pretty, but that GH IRL is kinda eeeww!

  5. I saw the GH yesterday IRL. Very in-your-face on bright colors and smaller bags. Downright gaudy on the grass green and blue. Not so bad on muted colors and large bags, IMO.
  6. Just curious... who are you wishing "good luck"? it's above retail, and it's a a bag that still in stores.