Brand New Besace / Messenger Hobo on eBay ????

  1. Can anyone explain why there seem to be so many of these available on eBay lately, usually $300-$400 below retail? Are they all fake?? The Besace is so new, I wouldn't think there would be so many fakes readily available, and so far I've seen Noir, Blue Roi, Sapin and white. Any thoughts?
  2. No. They are not fake.
  3. The Black one is REAL and from a great pf'er:heart: . sweeeetttttttt
  4. all of the ones I've been seeing lately (black, blue, sapin, white) have been real and at least $700 and up.
  5. Maybe people got them on sale? I could be wrong but that could account for the lower prices. I don't believe they are fake.
  6. ^^ they're legit from a lovely seller (hgbags) :tender:
  7. hgbags is the best, love all her stuff! I bought my Ink First and Grenat Toilet Case from her. awesome.