Brand New Bag, Almost 3 Years Old?!? HUH??

  1. Hi,
    As some of you know, I just purchased the LV Damier Geant Compagnon in Terre. It is a wonderful bag. After the first shock of, "OMG my Louis Vuitton," I got down to business. I started inspecting the bag. The outside vachetta has gotten the slightest patina. I thought that was a little odd, but hey they didn't make it JUST for me and ship it out right away. At first I thought, maybe it has been sitting around a maximum of sixth months. So, I took a look at the date code. Here it is SP1004. That's right! My bag that I just purchased was actually made in October, 2004! There is absolutely nothing wrong with the bag, I just never thought that it would have been made that long ago. Does this happen very often?? Or am I just being WAY too picky?!? Thanks so much! (Don't be afraid to put me straight if I am way off here!)
  2. is it from eluxury? i think sometimes old stock just gets shuffled in with new stock and it happens sometimes. as long as you are happy with it i'd keep it. otherwise see about exchanging it.
  3. It is from eLuxury.
  4. if you're not happy with it, exchange it, otherwise use your new bag with love :biggrin:
  5. even if bought from the LV stores themselves, those lines that don't really sell well will have stock that are made a few years ago such as mini monogram as a few of my pieces are like that, so there's nothing to worry about

    However, if you really are picky with it, see if you can exchange it for a newer one
  6. its probably just not the most popular Damier Geant model. for three years its been praying for somoene like you to buy it. i hope you find it in your heart to keep it.
  7. I agree!
  8. Keep it. Seems like newer models of LV are having problems (neverfull, etc..)
  9. that's so sweet! i agree, if the bag is perfect, keep it. plus a little patina is good, i can't wait til my month old mono speedy gets more so it doesn't scream 'i'm new'! :p

    congrats on your (first?) lv and wear it in good health :yahoo:
  10. its found a home. If there is nothing wrong with it, then I would keep it.
  11. Very well said.
  12. If the bag did not have the date code you would not have none any ways.
  13. ITA.
  14. Agree with DD.

    Keep it! ;)