brand new b-bag moma (in bangkok)

  1. hey girls!!! i've been snooping around this site FOREVER and seeing how you are all absolutely crazy :nuts: for balenciagas, i decided i couldn't go wrong with one...and let me tell you i have been positively bitten by the bug! my baby is a steel/plomb City with RH. i ordered from the site and they were absolutely fabulous :tup: ...the bag and leather are gorgeous and they were quick (the bag took two days to get to me from Japan), efficient and had excellent cusotmer service...i would recommend them in a heartbeat :yes:...well, i've attached some pics of my new purchase and would like to say how glad i am to FINALLY be part of the club!! cheers! :okay:
    first b-bag2.jpg first b-bag3.jpg first b-bag4.jpg first b-bag5.jpg
  2. congrats!!!!!!! the leather looks distressed and nice :supacool:
  3. Hi namster, and welcome to the forum! Your new bbag has amazing - really amazing leather!!! Smooshy, wrinkly yumminess! It will only get better with time as it breaks in.

    Don't you just love f/w 07 leather? Enjoy your new bag! :cutesy:
  4. congrats and welcome to the dark side! :wlae::woohoo:.... the plomb/steel is definitely a great alternative to black! and you're right the leather looks great! isnt Diabro just great?! congrats again girlie!
  5. She is a beauty. Looks like you have the Bbag bug. Good's quite addicting.
  6. Beautiful color,Congrats:tup:
  7. Welcome to the world of bag craziness experts.....
    The bag is great. I have the same and I absolutely love it. It is so versatile :wlae::love:
  8. gorgeous bag - LOVE IT!!!
  9. oh wow thats a nice one! Welcome!! Your 1st post is showing your 1st purchase. Cool..!
  10. The leather looks really amazing...Enjoy!!
  11. gorgeous and that leather is amazing!
  12. Beautiful bag!! The leather looks amazing!
  13. Looks awesome.. great color too.. coNgrats on your new addition... w/ many more to come...:whistle:
  14. congrats!!
  15. Congrats!! The leather looks great!