Brand new and bad-@$$ Rebecca Minkoff bags

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    "The Morning After Mini has been dressed up and funked out, just a bit! Studded zipper pulls and subtle stud details make this version of the classic just a bit more downtown than the original. Still perfectly sized for day to night wear, this small to medium sized satchel is one of our staff favorites. New leathers are super soft and lightweight. Measures 12.5"w x 8.5"h x 7"d. 6" shoulder drop; bag slouches with wear and can be worn closely on the shoulder."

    The bolded and italicized text is the parts that I thought were super interesting! That yellow MAM looks delish!
    18593-viewsize300-front.jpg 18594-viewsize300-front.jpg 18595-viewsize300-front.jpg
  2. I know! I was just on lunaboston browsing their RM collection, and I was surprised at how far I had to scroll down--there were so many cool, new styles!!
  3. Yummmmmmmm!!!!! :nuts:
  4. OMG I saw it too and I got super excited! LOL!
  5. Ohhh I love that purpley color!
  6. Love the green!
  7. I love it!!
  8. I love how soft, pebbly, and luscious the leather looks on this new line. The yellow, in particular, looks very cuddly and smooshy!
  9. Wow- I like that so much more than the prior MAM. I like it a lot!
  10. The purple color is pretty, but it's described as "blue." I wonder which color it really is?
  11. I think I want to lick that green bag. What a rich color.
  12. i love the studs!!:tup:

    might have to add a sister to my RM with that gorgeous night blue color.
  13. not that this is necessarily always true, but i have always found lunaboston's pictures to be very true to life as far as color goes...
  14. I think I have the "older" MA in the same blue color - it's royal blue. I think it's blue, other people would swear it's purple. It's a very pretty color.
  15. I love that green one!