Brand new and already banned...

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  1. Well, it's all your fault - I only recently found this forum and after lots of reading and admiring I'm now officially on my way to going broke! In the blink of an eye I've acquired a BP Corcovado, VCP Lorca, ICP Havana, GZ Pilot (coming tomorrow) and (hopefully, if it ever ships) a VCP Clutch wallet - and overpaid on the Corc, Lorca and Havana b/c I *just* missed the previous sale, but once I became fixated on them, I HAD to have them...

    So, to make up for all that overpaying, what did I just go and do? Buy the Blueberry Havana, of course! You know, b/c it was a good deal... and I must have put the GZ Trophy in (and out) of my bag a million times before I finally forced myself to remove it for good...

    Did I mention that until 2 weeks ago I was never really a bag person? That I didn't really "get" it?? And that I also bought 4 other bags this week???

    Holy crap I'm in serious, serious trouble... :wtf:
  2. Where the heck did you find the ICP Havana? All great picks BTW.
  3. Welcome and congrats! You've acquired a drool worthy HH collection!
  4. WOW. Very impressive. ;) Welcome!!! You should post pics once you get all of your amazing bags in!
  5. #5 Jan 22, 2009
    Last edited: Jan 22, 2009
    Thanks for the welcome everyone! I'm having a blast but I Just.Must.Stop.

    Re the ICP Havana, on Piperlime, of all places - they had/have a few HHs... randomly came up in a google when I was obsessively searching...
  6. Wow! First I want to welcome you and second I want to say YOU GO GIRL!! What a way to start your HH collection woman lol
  7. It's addictive right. I went from one bag in the summer to 13. To be fair I only had a few nice bags before. Now Kenneth Cole can kiss my HH. No more junky bags for me when HH is in the same price range on sale.
  8. Minnifer, welcome! You have a great collection already! I am very much in the same boat as you. (I have MamaToJakers to thank, she lured me away from the Tano subforum with all her posts about the fabulous deals awaiting at HH.)
  9. :roflmfao::wlae::roflmfao:
  10. Furla can kiss it next.
  11. ya, I haven't even given the Coach store a glance whenever I past few years. There is much better and more unique designers out there.
  12. Like an alcoholic hides bottles, I'll soon need to start hiding HH bags (and boxes and all the trappings). OMG this is all so addictive!! I swear, I can quit anytime!!
    Like tomorrow . . . I swear, Ill quit tomorrow (did some serious damage tonight).
  13. You mean it's not normal to hide all the new bags and their boxes?? :roflmfao:

    Congrats on your new bags. What a way to jumpstart your collection!
  14. Congrats! Hope we get to see pic's when you receive them.
  15. Welcome! I too am a friend of Toni & Ben's!