Brand new 2016 Multi Color Alma?

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  1. Hi everyone, I just snapped this off straight from Australia LV boutique. Now I check the code, it was made in France FL 1116?

    I thought they discontinue this line and only make few SLGs, I didnt think my bag was made just this year around March. Does it sound right? Should I get it authenticated?

  2. She's beautiful!

    If you bought your Alma from an LV boutique then be assured it's authentic. LV is probably making a few more items from what multicolore canvas they have left.
  3. did you buy this online?
  4. There were two in the US 2 months ago (one in Santa Clara, Ca and one in Washington, D.C.), so there are some out there.
  5. Should be authentic if bought directly from LV.
  6. So pretty! It's showing on the current LV website in Australia as "call to purchase," so it must be current and you should be fine!!
  7. Oh really, if I know that I wouldnt buy from Australia
  8. Yes, I called first. They said only one avalable so I bought right away ship to my friend house.
  9. I m not familiar with this type of material. Is it canvas or leather?
  10. Thank you. Im afraid of getting knock off so I always buy from boutiques.
  11. Yup, I called, they said there were only one. Unless they just made more [emoji4]
  12. Oh my,,, i love everything about it, he color, the studs, and everything
    I also love the white multicolor alma
  13. It's a work of art, beautiful!
  14. Thank you so much girls. I cant stop looking at her.
  15. I bought my multi color black Sara wallet in Florence, Italy in March. Production date was Jan 2016 made in France. When I was there I saw 3 of Sara wallets, in black , in white; 3 insolite wallets in black, in white; 3 zipper wallets in black, in white. There were also a speedy and alma available. Nothing available in the U.S.
    Anyone looking for a multi color LV, go to Florence..
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