Brand New 08 Black City or Pre-Loved 05 Black City??

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  1. Hi,
    I am looking forward to have my 1st Black City and I am stucked somewhere..I am not sure whether to get a brand new 08 Black City or Pre-Loved 05 Black City which is $140 more..

    Appreciate some advise...
  2. This should probably go in the shopping section.

    How's the condition of the '05? If excellent, then I'd go for it. If not, I'd choose the 08. Good luck!
  3. Easy pick for me...I only have -05 bags and earlier years and the leather on those are gorgeous! I have yet to see an -05 with non-yummy leather:drool: I´d say go for the -05 unless it´s totally worn to pieces of course:P

  4. Personally, I would go with the 05 black city!
  5. I can't justify paying more money for a used bag - so I'd say 08 city.
  6. o8 for me too.......
  7. 07 and 08's been excellent so far... even dubbed as the 'new 05', so i would definitely go with brand new!! :yes: nothing like breaking in the bag yourself... + it's even cheaper!!
  8. A pic of the 05 would really help...
  9. I agree I would not pay more for an older bag. Go with the new.
  10. More for a used bag? I'd rather get the 08. I recently bought a new 07 black city and it's really smooshy and already broken-in!! Took me about 3 days.
  11. if it's in good condition, definitely the 05. the 05 black city is amazing, the leather quality is brilliant and buttery and above all, it is consistent. nowadays bag quality varies a lot by bag. my 05 black city is still jet black while my 07 black day has already started to fade.
  12. ^^ ITA!!! :tup:
  13. I say if the 05 is in great condition go with it, if not the 08. Let us know which you decide to get.
  14. I've got a new 08 Black City and it is wonderful. Thick smooshy leather. Certainly worth serious consideration, but I can also understand the pull to an 05 bag.
  15. I'd go by their condition. If the 2005 Black is in excellent to mint condition, I will pick 05 instead of 08; otherwise I will go with 08.